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alfaAlfarecords founded in 2001, by two friends, Ade Alfian and Rifandi Rusli.

At its inception, Alfarecords started his business sebgai record distributor. Through a system known as "buddy circulation", and "master license", Alfarecords began to be known by many independent bands who want to distribute their work nationally. Recorded bands such as NETRAL, KOIL, TABU, BUNGLON, SOVA, Ecoutez, Siksa Kubur, DEAD SQUAD and others worked with Alfarecords.

In 2002, Alfarecords get its first license agreement with Metromusic USA, with prodik The Classical Child, which has continued until today. This license agreement opens the door to the next licensing agreements with various record companies from abroad, with a variety of genres, ranging from classical music to heavy metal. Recorded labels like Metromusic USA, The Children's Group Canada, Blanco y Negro Spain, Nuclear Blast GmbH, Germany Silenzio, Rambling Records Japan and many more.

In 2006, Alfarecords for the first time produced a band, namely PUTIH, with his single "Sampai Mati" is a success with 800,000 downloads RBT.

Once PUTIH, following LYLA, SHIVER, PEE WEE Gaskins, ARES, sabumi, ERWIN SAZ, EASY TIGER, Be5ive, MASKOT and Sonia Eryka join Alfarecords.

In 2010, Alfarecords awarded as THE BEST NEW COMER IN DIGITAL MUSIC YEAR 2009-2010, given by Telkomsel, the largest mobile telecommunications provider company in Indonesia.

Currently Alfarecords continues to evolve with innovation and follow the development of the music industry both inside and outside the country.

Alfarecords provide opportunities to all artists and independent labels to distribute their work through digital music outlets.

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